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Wang Jing & GH Law Firm Donates Medical Supplies and Helps Grassroots Work Resumption

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Wang Jing & GH Law Firm Mar. 10

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) broke out in the spring of 2020. Circular on Strengthening Party Leadership and Providing Strong Political Support for Battling the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic issued by the CPC Central Committee clearly demanded to “organize and mobilize Party organizations, members and officials to regard the fight against the outbreak as the current major political task”, providing concrete guidance for Party organizations, members and officials on their role in the battle.

People’s Daily Online published the article Subcontracting Work Should be Prohibited During Outbreak, addressing the current situation and stating that “what grassroots workers need is masks, not slogans; they need disinfection water, not saliva.”
At the beginning of February, under the leadership of the Party Branch and the Youth League Branch of Wang Jing & GH, Wang Jing & GH Law Firm lawyers showed concern for grassroots workers and villagers, and traveled around the country to purchase disinfection wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfection alcohol, disposal gloves and other medical supplies for them. Party Branch Secretary Sam Wong, Jianhui Li, Xiaolei Wang and Youth League Branch Secretary Yingzi Cai led Wang Jing & GH lawyers in batches to Shijicun, Hongweicun, Fenghecun, Liucun, Chengjiedongcun, Chengjiexicun, Yuancun, Tancun, Lijiao, Datongcun, Longxicun, Haibeicun, Jishancun, Tangxiacun, Cencun and other villages in Guangzhou within one month. They spared no effort to contribute to epidemic prevention and control, donating medical supplies, helping villages in epidemic prevention and control, assisting enterprises in work resumption, and encouraging villagers to resume working.

The medical supplies we provided conveyed the care and support for the grassroots workers and vividly represented our efforts to overcome difficulties in a spirit of unity. “The medical supplies are such a timely help,” a villager in a Guangzhou economic village said, “At the moment, medical supplies are quite scarce and expensive. Plus, we are faced with the pressure of work resumption. Therefore, we felt cared for when we received the medical supplies sent by the Party Branch and the lawyers of Wang Jing & GH.” Wang Jing & GH’s donation was greatly recognized and appreciated by the villagers and the population.
In addition, Wang Jing & GH lawyers carried out detailed field investigation on the problems and difficulties occurring to the enterprises after the outbreak, answered relevant legal questions, and gave out Guidance on Enterprises’ Work Resumption as well as the Collection of Guangzhou Epidemic Policies, carefully prepared by the lawyers for the enterprises. Everyone in Wang Jing & GH showed their sense of responsibility with concrete actions and contributed to the battle against the epidemic, fully displaying the Party Branch’s role as a battle fortress and the party members’ pioneer and model role. Besides, it demonstrated the confidence and resolution of the party members and lawyers to make all-out efforts to overcome the difficulties.
Just as trickling streams become a vast river, kind deeds integrate into boundless love. The Party Branch of Wang Jing & GH will shoulder more social responsibilities, spread the positive energy of public welfare and cooperate with everyone to do their utmost for epidemic prevention and control.
Virus is hurting people, Wang Jing & GH is helping people.
Only if everyone contributes with their love,
The world will become warm and beautiful.
Rivers make a plain, and sands make a tower.
Wang Jing & GH is willing to hold your hands
To make all-out efforts
For the victory of the battle against the epidemic soon.


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