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Iris Luo

License number:

电话:020-3864 1888


LL.B China University of Political Science and Law


After graduating from China University of Political Science and Law, Ms. Luo worked for Guangzhou Tianhe District Peoples Court, where she accumulated solid legal theoretical knowledge and rich litigation experience. She later worked for a well-known Asian real estate enterprise, Singapore CapitaLand Group, where she was responsible for urban renewal(also called Three Old Transformation), real estate and construction and became familiar with land cooperative development, project acquisitions, investment and financing, engineering construction, property rental and management, Commercial real estate investment and operation and other real estate business processes and legal services.After joining Wang Jing & GH, Ms. Luo has participated in many urban renewal projects of urban villages such as Xianjiang Cun, Hongwei Cun, Xinshitou Cun, Datong Cun, Jishan Cun, Honggang Cun and Lijiao Cun. She has an in-depth understanding of the policies and practices of urban renewal as well as extensive experience in research on special issues of urban renewal, drafting and revision of documents at various stages, negotiations of village-enterprise cooperation, tenant clearance, and demolition negotiations.

Practice Areas

Real Estate Development & Construction and Operation, Urban Renewal, Civil and Commercial Litigation.


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