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Chunyu Fan

License number:

Tel:+86 020-3864 1888


Guangdong Justice Police Vocational College


Ms. Fan previously advised well-known real estate enterprises such as Guangzhou Zhaoshang Real Estate Co., Ltd, Excellence International Group, Zhonghai Real Estate Group and CHINA VANKE CO., LTD. on non-litigation cases. She also provided legal services related to mortgage loan to banks as Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications and Citibank. Since joining Wang Jing & GH, Ms. Fan has focused on the online registration publicity and permit acquisition of first-hand commodity houses, assisting clients in obtaining mortgage loans from certain banks. With extensive working experience related to the sale of commodity houses, Ms. Fan is good at handling legal issues related to the sale of commodity houses and communicating with clients to bring all parties involved to reach an agreement. She has participated in urban renewal projects of urban villages such as Tan Cun, Chengjiedong Cun, Chengjiexi Cun, Yuan Cun, Lijiao Cun, Xinshitou Cun, Fenghe Cun, Datansha Dao, Huo Cun, Liu Cun, Hongwei Cun, Yantang Cun, Datong Cun, Cen Cun. She has advised various units, including Economic Cooperative of Lijiao, Nanzhou Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 8th Village Economic Cooperative of Shidong, Yuancun Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 9th Village Economic Cooperative of Shidong, Yuancun Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou and Legal Office of Tianhe District Government as well as real estate enterprises as Guangdong Ruihua Group, Zhu Kuan Group (Holding) Co. Ltd., CapitaLand China and Times Property Holding Limited on non-litigation affairs. Her professional knowledge and skills are highly recognized by her clients.

Practice Areas

Urban Renewal, Real Estate and Construction


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