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Chen Chao

License number: 14401202210547874

Tel:+86 020-3864 1888


People's Public Security University of China bachelor
South China University of Technology graduate student

Professional Qualifications

PRC Lawyers License


Lawyer Chen Chao has been engaged in criminal crime research and practice, network security research and case handling practice for more than 20 years, focusing on legal services such as cyber network criminal risk prevention and control, cyber network security, data compliance, and trade secret protection. With the background of dual knowledge and practical ability of law and network data technology, he has more than 10 years of front-line experience in criminal law enforcement. He once served as the leader of grass-roots law enforcement departments in charge of criminal investigation. He has rich experience in handling cases and outstanding professional ability. Served as the project leader of QBIT system of several large law enforcement and security information platforms, responsible for system construction management and system network security, familiar with Oracle and PHP development, and was employed as a Ministry expert.
He has been engaged in network information security, data security and intellectual property protection in Alibaba Group for nearly 5 years. He is familiar with the development of Maxcompute and Python. He has profound IT technology knowledge and is familiar with the thinking and mode of Internet products. He has rich work experience in network security, data compliance, enterprise anti fraud and other related legal issues. He is also familiar with network security, data compliance, network information crime, intellectual property crime He has rich experience in research and practical work in the field of duty crime in Internet enterprises.

Practice Areas

Cyber Network criminal legal services (criminal risk prevention and control, criminal crisis response, criminal prosecution, criminal defense, criminal litigation agency), Cyber network and data compliance, enterprise trade secret protection and patent protection, etc


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