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Judy Zhu

License number: 14401201011337644

Tel:+86 020-3963 8688


LLB, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Professional Qualifications

PRC Lawyers License


Before joining Wang Jing & GH, Ms. Zhu worked for Dadi Media Group, Star River Group, Excellence Urban Renewal Group, etc., as in-house legal counsel for 10 years. She is well-versed in company operation and management, internal governance and internal communication and coordination, with practical experience in facilitating transactions, promoting shareholders’ rights and interests, regulating corporate operations, and preventing and resolving major risks. She has accumulated rich experience in handling legal matters relating to property leasing and management, construction and engineering, real estate development, etc.Ms. Zhu has worked for Guangdong Fugang Investment Group, R & F Group, etc. for nine years, responsible for land investment and urban renewal. She has abundant practical experience in dealing with project feasibility report, cost estimation, transaction path, project negotiation and tax planning, and also has experience in project coordination, operation and implementation, as well as rich practical experience in commercial and industrial land investment.

Practice Areas

urban renewal, industrial park, investment M&A, general corporate affairs


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