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Joe Chow

License number: 14401202110306210

Tel:+86 020-3864 1888


Master of Law in European Union Law, University of Macau

Professional Qualifications

PRC Lawyers License


Mr.Chow joined Wang Jing & GH Law Firm since graduated from University of Macau. He has devoted himself to in-depth research in the field of EU law and biotechnology law. He is proficient in using Chinese and English as working languages to provide legal services to clients. Mr. Chow has a solid academic background in law and strong communicating and writing skills, he is a good team player who is responsible, diligent and dedicated.During his career, Mr Chow has provided legal services to many clients, such as China Railway Group Limited, Country Garden, SHV(China) Investment Company Limited, People's Government of Dongyuan. He has provided various types of civil and commercial dispute resolution services, such as Dispute over contracts for construction, contracts for sale and purchase, lease contracts, contracts for real estate development by cooperative joint venture, land administration disputes etc., his professional knowledge and skills are highly recognized by his clients.


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