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[Full Video] Lawyer Eloisa Hu webinar on Labor and Contract Issues during Covid-19 Pandemic for Spanish Chamber

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On June 23rd 2020, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South China invited our lawyer Ms. Eloisa Hu from the Foreign-related Legal Service Department of Wang Jing & GH LAW FIRM to share her professional insights on labor and contract issues during Covid-19 Pandemic in a dedicated webinar. Francisco Javier Torá Mira, director of Elegant Supreme Group, shared his experience as a company owner. During the webinar, Ms. Hu addressed from a practical point of view some legal issues that most enterprises are facing during the pandemic, such as economic lay-off, rotation of work and salary reduction, cease of production, social security, subsidies, force majeure clause and its application.

The webinar was joined by numerous participants and received positive feedback from both the participants and the Chamber. Wang Jing & GH joined the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South China in May 2020. This webinar is the first collaboration between Wang Jing & GH and the Chamber.

If you want to know more about labor and contract issues during Covid19 Pandemic for your business in China and you need advice on this topic, feel free to contact Wang Jing & GH Law Firm.


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