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WONG Sam Numéro de licence: 14401200210243187

En 2008, Maître Wong a participé à la création du cabinet d’avocats Wang Jing & GH. Pratiquant le droit depuis 18 ans. Il a été désigné comme « A-List Élite juridique » de 2019 par le magazine China Business Law Journal et « Avocat talentueux » de 20


2020-07-27Interpretation of rules closely related to the live broadcast industry in the Civil Code (Part II)

Wang Jing & GH Law firm Internet and High-Tech Department has launched a new Internet-related legal column. This column lists the most controversial and discussed legal issues in the Internet industry at present...

2020-06-30IP Layout You have no idea what you truly have!

Given the present state of affairs, the only thing that matters to people is life and health, however, from the perspective of enterprises, Wang Jing & GH Law Firm fully understands the pressure and anxiety faced by business executives and managers d

2020-04-02Trademark Law amendment in PRC - EU Chamber lecture by Eloisa Hu

The article is authorized by the author to be edited and published by Wang Jing & GH Law Firm. You are welcomed to share it to your WeChat Moment.

2020-03-20IP Layout:Manage Your Trade Secrets!

Wang Jing & GH Law Firm has presented the topic of enterprise decompression during the epidemic period — Intellectual Property Layout, aiming at helping the managers and executives enhance your enterprise value without the need to go out during the e

2020-03-13Patent Layout Monetize Your Patents!

Patent layout is a well-known conception, and unfortunately, enterprises, except some pioneering ones, usually unhelpfully keep it at a conceptual level. In the past, most of the information concerning patent layout had focused too much on its import


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