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Party Branch of Wang Jing & GH Holds Anti-epidemic Party Activity and Donation Ceremony

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Wang Jing & GH Law Firm   Mar. 6

In response to the demands of the CPC Central Committee and the Guangzhou Lawyers Committee of CPC (中共广州市律师行业委员会) on the voluntary anti-epidemic donation of party members, the Party Branch of Wang Jing & GH held an anti-epidemic party activity and donation ceremony on March 5, 2020.

At the meeting, Party Branch Secretary Sam Wong firstly conveyed the content of Chinese President Xi's Speech at the Conference on Overall Planning to Promote the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Epidemic and the Economic and Social Development, and also encouraged everyone to cooperate in the epidemic prevention and strengthen the confidence in defeating the epidemic.

First, focus on work implementation. With the increasing risks and challenges facing China’s development and the impact of the epidemic, it will be harder to promote economic and social development. In order to guarantee work implementation, party members should uphold perseverance and resolution in achieving the goals, concentrate on the work and take actions. A problem-oriented strategy should be adopted to handle all problems one by one according to the priority.

Second, increase the awareness about unexpected developments. Party members must stay vigilant and prevent major risks in their responsible areas. Secretary Sam Wong said, “The society and economy will be severely affected this year, and the legal service industry is no exception. Therefore, we must broaden our thinking and make great efforts in innovation to prevent the performance of individuals and the law firm from being affected.

Third, improve working skills. In the epidemic prevention and control, the governance and professional skills of some leaders and officials could not obviously keep up with others; this fact calls for attention. Therefore, Secretary Sam Wong stressed that we must improve our working and professional ability. In the face of the intense industry competition, we should dedicate to everything and realize our goals without making excuses for failures. Besides, we are supposed to acquire and have a good command of the professional knowledge in our responsible field to become a leading talent in that field.

At last, the Party Branch of Wang Jing & GH coordinated all party members to hold a donation ceremony. Under Secretary Sam Wong’s lead, party members took the initiative to make a donation for epidemic prevention and control, demonstrating their pioneer and example role. The donation was used to console medical workers, grassroots officials and masses, public security officers and community workers who are on the front line in the battle against COVID-19 and the people whose relatives sacrificed in fighting the epidemic, as well as support the people who lost their family members due to COVID-19.


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