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Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Group of Wang Jing & GH Law Firm comprises lawyers and patent attorneys who graduated from prestigious universities both at home and abroad, as well as professionals with a dual educational background in law and chemical engineering and various other qualifications. The Group has been paying close attention to the development of domestic and foreign intellectual property related industries for a long time and making full use of the Firm’s advantages in other practice areas such as real estate, finance, corporate, TMT, foreign-related legal service, tax, etc., whereby the Group provides domestic and foreign clients with comprehensive, high-quality, and professional IP legal services.

The Group has handled many representative high profile IP cases, including litigation cases related to patent infringement, trade secret infringement, intellectual property contract, copyright and trademark, and non-litigation matters such as IP due diligence, patent analysis and intellectual property compliance, where the Group provided clients with tailor-made IP strategies and comprehensive and quality legal services. In addition, Wang Jing & GH has strong commercial dispute resolution competency. A number of previous senior judges, public prosecutors and senior legal consultants all having years of trial experience have joined Wang Jing & GH, and become the Firm’s mainstay. The joining of these professionals greatly enhances our strength in intellectual property related litigation.

Scope of Service

Litigation Cases

1. Dispute over intellectual property infringement, especially technology infringement;

2. Intellectual property services in the process of IPO, including handling malicious litigation, screening and solving intellectual property risks, responding to CSRC’s inspection and inquiries, etc.

3. Dispute over unfair competition, especially trade secrete infringement;

4. Dispute over intellectual property rights;

5. Administrative dispute over intellectual property.

Non-litigation Cases

1. Intellectual property due diligence and FTO analysis;

2. Digging, searching and layout design of intellectual property;

3. Administrative and customs protection of intellectual property;

4. Intellectual property management, regulatory compliance and risk control, including sorting out intellectual property status of enterprises and the establishment and improvement of management systems related to trade secret, patent, trademark, copyright, etc.

5. Regular legal counselling services on intellectual property, including intellectual property contract review, routine counselling service, drafting/serving lawyer’s letters and intellectual property training for clients.

Academic Researches

Honorary Awards


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