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Matrimony & Family Wealth Management

The Matrimony &Family Wealth Management Group comprises a number of experienced professionalswho have studied or practised in foreign jurisdictions previously, includingpartners and associates who were former judges having abundant trial experience,senior professor with considerable expertise in matrimonial and family wealthmanagement sector, and senior financial advisors with substantial experience inasset allocation, financial management, mergers and acquisitions and taxplanning. A majority of members of the Group are graduates of reputable lawschools of home and abroad and with multi-disciplinary expertise in law, realestate, finance, insurance, trust, tax and wealth management. The practices ofmembers of the Group cover a broad spectrum of areas including law, finance,management and criminal issues. With a team of high caliber professionals, weoffer practical and reliable legal services to clients.

There has been closecollaboration between the Group and related agencies such as investigationcompanies, asset evaluation agents, public relations companies, notary public,etc. What is more, the Group has also established long-term stable cooperationrelation with related practitioners of different jurisdictions around the worldsuch as law firms, trust companies, private banks, asset management companies,etc. We have particular strength in handling matters relating to cross-countrymarriage, succession and adoption. Our expertise in offering customized taxplanning for both domestic and overseas tax related issues, designing familycompany governance structure, and designing family trust structure help ourclients achieve asset appreciation and risk isolation.

We have a team oftalents with multi-disciplinary and international practices. We are committedto assisting clients in resolving matrimonial and domestic disputes andpreserving family business and culture.

Scope of Service

Contentious matters relating to marriage and domestic relations

Dispute over divorce

Dispute over property post-divorce

Dispute over intestate succession

Dispute over child support

Dispute over testate succession

Dispute over agreement on matrimonial property

Dispute over testamentary gift

Dispute over division of property involving cohabitation

Dispute over agreement on testamentary gift for inter vivos

Dispute over betrothal property

Dispute over succession involving foreign interests

Dispute over community debt

Dispute over cross-country marriage and domestic relations

Non-contentious matters relating to marriage and domestic relations

Design pre-marriage property protection scheme

Draft agreement on pre-marriage or matrimonial property

Draft divorce agreement and separation agreement

Intervention and mediation of marital crises

Mediation or negotiation of disputes over marriage and domestic relations

Marital and domestic risks prevention and handling

Design structure of and advise on laws applicable to family wealth inheritance

Private legal counsel for prevention and control of risks associated with marriage and domestic relations

Management of family wealth

Design governance structure of family companies

Equity optimization and risk prevention

Preservation of family wealth and asset inheritance

Draft and optimize customized family charter and related documents

Global allocation and planning of family finance

Marriage and wealth planning for high-net-worth clients and their children

Legal services for domestic and foreign family trusts

Legal services for domestic and foreign investment and financing and transaction design

Isolation of family property and enterprise risk

Domestic and overseas tax planning and immigrant status planning

Tax planning for individuals of high income and corporate managers

High-profiled Cases

Academic Researches

Honorary Awards


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