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The Whole Process of Financial Accounting and Tax Treatment for Real Estate Enterprises (4th edition)

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Brief Introduction:

  • In response to new policies and new tax rate, one book in hand, directly applicable to the whole process of tax treatment for enterprises
  • Overhauling systematic practice cases of iconic real estate enterprises and drawing on experience in the comprehensive case of operation to reduce the risk of land value-added tax settlement
  • Overhauling the financial accounting and tax treatment of 9 major tax categories, easy and comprehensive for accounting
  • With reference to new policies, explaining financial accounting and tax treatment according to the business process of real estate development enterprises, neglecting neither tax treatment nor developing
  • According to the new tax rate, providing systematic practical cases of value-added tax, corporate income tax and land value-added tax from iconic real estate enterprises to reduce tax risks by the comparison operation


Chang Cai

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Finance and Tax of Central University Finance and Economics; Director of Centre for Tax Planning & Law, CUFE; ICSPA; Member of the Chinese Tax Institute; Special Consultant of the China Certified Tax Agents Association; Training Mentor of “National Tax Leading Talents” for the State Taxation Administration of the People's Republic of China; Visiting Professor of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Shanghai National Accounting Institute; Finance and Tax Consultant of several domestic groups, enterprises and listed companies.

Jiejin Huang

Master of Management; Secretary-General and Research Fellow of Centre for Tax Planning & Law, CUFE; Mentor of Master of Taxation Education Center, GSCASS; General Manager of Financing Wall Street (Beijing) Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (融资华尔街(北京)创业投资有限责任公司); one of China’s first Certificated Tax Planners and China’s first Senior Tax Consultant.

Sharon Ma

Master of Economic Law; Arbitrator of China Guangzhou Arbitration Commission; Director of Tax Law Professional Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association; Director of Lawyer Profession Branch of Guangzhou New Social Stratum Association; Director of Guangzhou Lawyers Association; Senior Partner of Guangdong Wang Jing & GH Law Firm


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